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Our mission is to continually strive to earn our customers’ respect as a reliable supplier by providing total customer satisfaction through communication, accountability, responsibility and product and service excellence.
Core Values;
*  Integrity
*  Quality
*  Health & Safety


Health & Safety
Our goal At Yenitek Global is to provide a safest workplace possible for our employees while producing products and solutions that exceed the needs of our customers.
We are committed to our goal of Zero Harm, as related to the safe manufacture, installation and operation of our products. We will accomplish this goal through coordinated efforts and accountability at all levels of our organization.

Our Health & Safety Policy
The health and safety is essential for each person coming into contact with any operations within our organisation. The creation and maintenance of a safe and healthy workplace is a responsibility which none of us will compromise.
We are committed to providing all the necessary training, work practices, work processes, tools and equipment to create safe work conditions and a healthy work environment. It is our policy to incorporate best practices into all of our business decisions and actions, to comply with government legislation and to meet or exceed regulations and standards to prevent occupational illness and injury wherever we conduct our business.
It is a specific obligation of those in leadership positions within the company to continuously foster awareness and appreciation among all employees of the importance of pursuing safe and healthy work practices. It is incumbent upon all those in management and supervisory roles to ensure that operations are carried out in a manner that makes the health and safety of our employees and guests the top priority at all times.Every employee has a shared responsibility for his or her own safety. This requires thorough safety awareness and respect for the work environment, using the training, procedures and equipment in a proper manner, and actively communicating suggestions for improvement throughout the company.

Creating and improving a safe and healthy workplace requires every individual in the company to encourage safe working practices in others. Together we have to identify and strive to eliminate any conditions or practices which place at risk the health and safety of employees, customers, suppliers and others in contact with our company. Our goal is to create an incident free environment.

Integrity is critical to the success of our business. Through honesty, transparency and accountability we commit to managing all business relationships to the highest ethical standards. We are accountable to the promises we make to each other and our customers.



At Yenitek Global, we are highly committed to quality and we seek to continuously improve, expanding upon “best practices” and delivering tailored, high quality products and services/solutions to our customers.
Quality is much more than providing a product that functions properly. True quality is a way of thinking, a way of doing business and, ultimately, a way of satisfying our customers’ long-term needs.
For us quality is not an accident; it is always the result of high intention, hard work and sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution. This is the main philosophy that has resulted in a substantial rate of repeat customers for the company.
It is Yenitek Global’s commitment to remain competitive in today’s aggressive volatile and complex business environment and to accomplish this we must meet our customers’ needs.

The Yenitek Global Quality team work in sync with each departments to ensure that the high quality standard, which our customers expect, is uncompromised, even as we relentlessly look for new ways to exceed their expectations.



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