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 Some of  the spare parts and components we manufacture are listed below

* Machine Spare and Replacement Parts, Glass Moulds, Plastic moulds, Zamak Moulds, Metal Injection Moulds
* Production of Mechanical Spare and Replacement Parts and Machine Part and Replacement Parts for all types of Machines
* Design and Production of Special Purpose Machines (CAD- CAM)
* Metal Cutting and Plastering Moulds, Plastic, Moulds, Zamak Moulds
* Metal Injection Moulds
* Glass Industry Machine Spare  and Replacement Parts and Gear Components
* Textile Machine Spare and Replacement Parts and Gear Components (Cylindrical Axels and Gear Components)
* Chemical Industry Machine Spare and Replacement Parts and Gear Components
* Food and Packaging Machines Spare and Replacement Parts
* Automotive Industry Spare  and Replacement Parts
* Spare and Replacement Parts for the Machine, Metal and Casting Industries
* Industrial Machine Gears
* On order, Custom CNC Milling Cutter and CNC Lathe Works are also carried out.
* and Any Custom Products on order manufactured.



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